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Since 2003, The Attic has been recycling fashion!

The consignment period is 60 days and you get 50% of the selling price!

Most consignors sell 70% - 80% of their items.

How much will my things sell for? 

Our prices range widely depending on the label, style, condition and other factors. Most items price between $5 and $20. Designer pieces price higher, but our prices are far lower than retail.

I have designer items to consign.

If you have designer items that retail used on Ebay/Poshmark for $100+ we are happy to set up an appointment to go through your items on the spot and price with our buyer.  Please contact us for a designer consignment appointment.

How does the consignment process work?

The Attic consigns via appointment only. You may bring one 13 gallon bag per appointment due to space restrictions. Maximum two appointments per consignor per day. If you are a new consignor please wait until we have reviewed your initial drop off to book subsequent appointments.

The consignment period is 60 days with no markdowns.  A manager will go through your items and enter the ones we can consign into our computerized inventory system. You will receive an itemized email with the selling prices for your items - you will receive half of the selling price listed in the email. 

If you wish to reclaim unsold items at the end of your consignment period we ask that you come in PRIOR to your pickup date, The Attic WILL NOT notify you prior to the end of your consignment period.  You will be provided with a list of the items still available and we ask that you pull your items from the floor.

At the end of your 60 day consignment period you will receive a check for the money owed to the address you provided.  Or you can choose to use the money earned as store credit towards in store and online purchases.

What are you looking for?

The Attic is looking for young, modern styles from the last two seasons in excellent condition and vintage styles that mimic current trends. We consign men's and women's junior and adult sizes, in addition to shoes, purses, belts, jewelry, accessories, Halloween costumes, and fun housewares. We also take holiday themed collectibles, swimwear, and athletic wear.

Hot Sellers:

  • Shoes
  • Purses & Wallets
  • Designer jewelry & clothing
  • Plus sizes
  • Fun Home Decor (think Home Goods, Pier One)
  • Men's casualwear

Items we do not consign:

  • Children's clothing
  • Toys
  • Maternity wear
  • Wedding / bridesmaid dresses
  • Underwear/socks
  • Face Masks
  • Household textiles (bedding, curtains, pillows, etc.)
  • Counterfeit Goods
  • Reading Glasses / Prescription Glasses
  • Unbranded Sunglasses
  • Household / Kitchen electronics

Brands we do not accept:

Alfred Dunner - Adam Levine - Carol Anderson - Arizona - Athletic Works - Basic Edition - Candies - Charming Charlie - Claire's - Faded Glory - Fashion Bug - Fioni - Free Assembly - George - Haggar - Hang Ten - Joe Benbasset - Joe Boxer - Levi's Signature - LulaRoe - Maurices - Members Mark - Mudd - No Boundries - NOBO - Paparazzi Brand Jewelry - Passport - Primark - Route 66 - Rue 21 - Shein - St John's Bay - Time and Tru - Wet Seal - White Stag - Woman Within - Unbranded Items & Items with Brand Tag removed

Inventory levels

Because of the large number of items we receive on a daily basis, our current inventory levels have a large impact on how selective we are. If we are overstocked in a certain department, we will need to be more selective when taking in those items and vice versa.

Buying Schedule:

January 1st Accepting Winter, No longer accepting winter coats.
February 1st Accepting SPRING.
March 1st Accepting SPRING & SUMMER.
August 1st Accepting FALL & COSTUMES.
Aug 15th Accepting FALL.
Oct 1st Accepting WINTER & Holiday Collectibles.


Please keep in mind that the above schedule is fluid dependent on weather and inventory levels.

 The Attic offers two options for your consignment experience: Drop & Go OR In Person Entering.

  • Please only bring items in bags- no boxes, bins or hangers (except when bringing in breakable items) and limit ONE 13 GALLON garbage bag.  

DROP & GO: At drop off your bag is labeled with your account details and we hand you a receipt detailing when your items will be entered by and a time frame to pick up what we are unable to consign. 

Step by Step details:

  1. Book a drop off appointment via our appointment link.
  2. Review and sign The Attic’s Consignment Contract sent via SignRequest. 
  3. Arrive at The Attic on your scheduled drop off day.
  4. We clearly mark your bag and place it in our storage area.
  5. When you drop off you will receive paperwork.  On this paperwork is the date your items will be entered by AND the date range you will be able to retrieve the items we are not able to consign.  You can pick up anytime we are open.
  6. Look for the email with the itemized list of what we are able to consign (you will receive this email by the date specified). If you DO NOT receive the list, check your spam and call The Attic: 610.865.2210.
  7. Return during your retrieval period to collect items we are not able to consign.  Your items will be clearly marked with your name attached to the bag.  Items NOT picked up during the time frame will be donated - donations go to the Salvation Army. The Attic CAN NOT extend this time frame.

IN PERSON consignment review:  A manager will review and enter the items you bring in for consignment. Please arrive within the first 10 minutes of your scheduled appointment, if you arrive outside that time frame we WILL NOT be able to review your items in person.  In person appointments can ONLY be made via the link here: in person appointment.

Guidelines for Drop & Go and In Person Consignment:

    • Due to space limitations we can only allow one (1) garbage bag per appointment. Maximum two appointments per consignor per day.
    • Please launder all items BEFORE your drop off.
    • Place jewelry in a ziplock bag(s) inside your main drop off bag. We will not review tangled jewelry.
    • In order to maximize the number of items we are able to consign, we recommend you examine your items and eliminate any that have holes, armpit, cuff, or collar stains, deodorant marks, excessive pilling on the fabric of the garment, toe marks (shoes), excessive staining on purse linings, and broken zippers, clasps or buckles. The Attic DOES NOT consign counterfeit items.
    • If you have any items that you DO NOT want to consign for less than a certain price, you must schedule an IN PERSON Consignment appointment. 
    • Drop & Go Appointments: Bags not picked up by the last day of your retrieval period WILL BE DONATED. WE CAN NOT EXTEND THIS TIME FRAME.
    • On the paperwork you receive at drop-off is the current address, phone number and email we have on file for you.  If these are NOT CURRENT it is your responsibility to contact us (contact details above).

Consignment Period Details:

The consignment period is 60 days from the date your items are entered and we offer 50% commission. The email you receive with your itemized list will have your expiration date - on the expiration date your items convert to store owned. If you would like to retrieve unsold items, come in PRIOR to your expiration date.  The Attic staff WILL NOT pull unsold consignment items from the selling floor or help you find your items - you must pull your own items.  If you have questions about your expiration date please feel free to contact us! Checks will be mailed out at the end of your consignment period, unless you spend the money earned as store credit. If you are purchasing from us via our online platforms, we are happy to apply your consignment money earned as store credit towards your purchases- just let us know!

Contract details:  By signing The Attic's consignment contract, you certify that you are the owner of the items that are under review for consignment.  You have obtained these items legally and have the right to sell these items.  You certify that you are over 18 years of age.  For consigned items, The Attic gives 50% of the selling price at the end of your consignment period.  A check will be mailed at the end of the end of the consignment period to the address you provide today; it is your responsibility to notify The Attic of any address changes. Any consignment money not claimed within 60 days of your expiration date will be forfeit. This includes any checks not cashed. If you wish to use your consignment money as store credit, store credit never expires. If you chose to reclaim your unsold items at the end of your consignment period, it is your responsibility to monitor the contract expiration date and to pull your items from the store floor.  The Attic staff WILL NOT pull OR help you find unsold consignment items from the selling floor - you must pull your own items.  The Attic will NOT notify you when the consignment period is over.  The Attic does not negotiate selling prices and we price items based on current market value (Ebay/Poshmark comparison), current trends, condition, inventory levels, and season.  If you do not want to sell items for less than a certain price you MUST book an IN PERSON consignment appointment. The Attic WILL NOT pull items from inventory that have been entered via our Drop & Go appointments.  All items placed for sale in The Attic will have item fees applied. Item fees are added to cover The Attic's cost to list the items for sale, and do not affect the percentage you receive. Promotional discounts offered by The Attic may decrease the listed selling price of your items. When sorting your items all recommended precautions will be taken while handling your items, but you indemnify and hold harmless The Attic, it’s officers, and staff, from any claims resulting from The Attic reviewing your items. This includes, but is not limited to, possible exposure to COVID-19. The Attic will take reasonable efforts to prevent the theft or loss of your items, but The Attic is not liable for any damage to or loss of your items and will not pay for damaged or stolen items. You authorize The Attic to contact you with details about your consignment account and marketing materials; you may opt out at any point. Customer information is collected because we are required to do so by federal and local authorities and it is confidential and NEVER sold.